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Fencing Supply and Installation

At Bradgate Fencing we pride ourselves on offering quality when it comes to installing for our domestic and commercial fencing customers. We are committed to ensuring that every job is carried out to the highest standard for an affordable price.

The fence installation team is expertly trained to deliver the high level of workmanship and customer service.

We provide expert evaluation of all projects whether they are large or small. Free estimation & surveys by our experts covers any eventually when it comes to any special or unusual conditions, such as dangerous or uneven ground, into account.

We feel that with our attention to detail helps ensure that customers always benefit fully from our high-quality, value-for-money products and services.

Palisade Security Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Palisade fencing is used extensively in applications requiring a security rated perimeter fence. Palisade is simple to install and very effective. Different specifications can be supplied to suit any given requirement.

In areas where security is of the utmost importance, steel palisade fencing will provide the maximum protection from all intruders. Palisade fencing is hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 offering long life and minimum maintenance, in addition it can be polyester powder coated to BS EN 13438 to any colour depending on the customer’s requirements.

358 Security Mesh Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - 358 Weld Mesh System is the ideal delaying element against any attempt at intrusion into any vulnerable environment, such as industrial sites, commercial businesses, Schools & up to high risk enclosures.

This particular mesh system, commonly referred to as ‘Prison Mesh’ or 358 also promotes ease of installation with a quality finish and adaptability to any environment.

Security can be further enhanced by burying the bottom part of the panel.

Twin Wire (Double Wire) Mesh Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Twin Wire (Double Wire) fencing a Robust, easy to install fencing system offering an aesthetically pleasing low maintenance, solution to security and sports requirements.

The combination of height, strength and appearance makes these ideal fences for a wide range of applications from commercial, industrial and educational to sport and recreation. Fencing is supplied with a 200mm x 50mm aperture, available in either twin 8mm horizontal wires with a 6mm vertical wire, or a lighter configuration of twin 6mm horizontal wires with a 5mm vertical wire.

Profiled V Mesh Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd – Profiled V Mesh security fencing offers an affordable solution to a broad variety of boundary, general security and anti-intruder applications.

Ranging in heights from 1.20m > 3.0m high. Panel widths may vary from 2.50m > 3.0m wide depending on height required.

The V Mesh Fencing system is generally known for being a more competitive solution compared to most other mesh panel systems.

Sports Mesh Panel System

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Sports Fencing supplied in heights varying from 3.0m up to 8.0m. Increasingly popular as a secure and sturdy surround to new artificial turf pitches catering for Hockey, Football and Rugby, popular with schools and sports facilities.

Twin Wire mesh panels typically uses 6mm vertical wires welded between a pair of twin 8mm horizontal wires, with 200mm x 50mm apertures. Additional wires can be added at the lower 1.20m section of the fence panels that is known as a “Rebound” panel.

Vertical Bar Railings

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Vertical Bar railings are suitable where a traditional, long-lasting, solid boundary fence is required. Ranging in height from 1.2 to 2.4m, Vertical Bar is available with blunt, spiked and domed tops.

For a more individual appearance, cranked, convex or turret options are available, also non-standard length, raked, radiused or stepped panels can be manufactured to suit individual requirements, along with matching gates in any width or height.

Finish is either hot dip galvanised, or galvanised and polyester powder coated.

Vertical Bar Railings attractive with decorative finials Vertical Bar Railings can enhance and provide an aesthetically pleasing security solution.

Bow Top Railings

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd – Bow Top Railings a safe & soft protection boundary railing generally used in environments where children are prevalent.

Attractive as ornamental railings, bow top railings can also provide a medium security solution for certain sites provided the height is sufficient such as schools.

Finish is either hot dip galvanised, or galvanised and polyester powder coated.

There are several standard patterns of bow top railing available and non-standard variations can also be supplied.

Acoustic Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Acoustic timber a simple & effective method of reducing noise nuisance, a growing problem in our densely populated modern world.

We can offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications that can reduce noise levels considerably, while maintaining an attractive and natural appearance with a reflective or absorptive system that suits the client’s specific requirements.

Closeboard Featheredge Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Close Board Fencing, perfect for privacy & durability. Treated softwood timber materials can be provided piece small for total build on site or indeed Close Board can be provided in panel form generally 1.83m wide x height.

Close board fencing is considered the stronger domestic boundary fence. Associated more so with perimeter boundaries but is also used in new build housing. Certainly, when built on site it can follow the ground better certainly if undulating.

Posts can be either wooden or concrete depending on the client’s preference.

Post & Rail Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Post & Rail fencing is often used in farming for livestock purposes but can also be commonly used for highway demarcation.

A strong and durable fence that can have added components such as sheep wire & barbed wire fitted to it that restricts smaller livestock from roaming.

Knee Rail (Trip Rail) Fencing

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd - Timber knee rail fencing which is often used simply to create an aesthetic boundary demarcation. You will often find this style of fencing at locations where there is an amount of pedestrian traffic, such as Schools & Colleges.

Constructed on site using 100mm x 100mm bird-mouth posts and 100mm x 100mm rails, secured via a 100mm wide metal strap which is secured to the post on either side.

All timber is pressure treated.

Site Timber Hoardings

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd – Temporary Site Hoardings, for construction sites.

Hoarding is a temporary structure of solid construction, erected around the perimeter of construction sites to shield them from view and prevent unauthorized access.

Built on site and can be painted in corporate colours.

Armco Barrier

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd – Armco Barrier a simple but effective solution for the protection that is to prevent damage to your property or equipment as a result of vehicles colliding with them.

Armco Barriers are often installed in car parks, delivery bays, within factories and workshops, pretty much anywhere that there is a potential risk of damage either to expensive equipment or your buildings.

By creating a buffer between the vehicle and the equipment/building, you ensure that only the barrier needs to be replaced, and the cost of Armco Barrier Systems is much less than that of replacing what you are protecting.

Impact & Protection Bollards

Bradgate Fencing Specialists Ltd – Impact & Protection Bollards are generally intended for traffic-control purposes, that may be mounted near enough to each other that they block ordinary cars, for instance, but spaced widely enough to permit special-purpose vehicles and bicycles to pass through, whilst maintaining a safe area for pedestrians.

Bollards may also be used to enclose locations such as car free zones. Bollards can also provide extra edge protection for buildings or indeed additional security for the prevention of ram raiding or potential impact damage caused by vehicles.

Health and Safety Certified

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